At Smile Center, we pride ourselves in the investment made into the latest technology in order to provide you with better, safer and faster dentistry. We apply best practices used in Europe and the U.S. to offer you the treatment you expect and deserve.

Dental Chair

  • Made in Germany, our dental chairs (also known as treatment centers) offer comfort for you and the practitioner. Its elegant design and the quality of the materials used ensure high level of hygiene to avoid cross-contamination.
  • All necessary equipment is integrated directly into the dentist element, which improves speeds and makes the treatment shorter.
  • The burs and handpieces are also sourced from Germany, providing a superior level of performance and accuracy, all contributing to the best treatment outcome achievable.


  • Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the art class B autoclave to deliver the level of hygiene required. This, coupled with a unique solution that decontaminates and autoclaves our handpieces inside and out, which results in offering you the best level of hygiene possible.
  • During the design of the clinic, we applied the rules and best practices to prevent cross-contamination: contaminated and autoclaved instruments never cross path as to avoid any mistake.


  • Fully digital, the imaging solution we adopted provides your practitioners with all the tools to diagnose you and adopt the best possible treatment plan. All of our rooms are equipped with computers.  The advantages are multiple:
    • Reduction of the X-Ray exposure to the patient
    • Faster processing, with no decline of quality over time (digital image)
    • No chemicals required translates in no pollution for the environment
    • More accurate image, with tools available to help in the diagnosis
  • For intra-oral x-ray, phosphor plates are used for your comfort while the image is then scanned and digitized.
  • For extra-oral x-ray, panoramic images are provided by a device that is made in Germany, with technology derived from the medical industry, providing your practitioner with an unparalleled quality of image.
  • Dental CBCT: 3D imaging is also available at our clinic! This is especially important for our patients requiring the placement of implants. As we can navigate the oral cavity in 3 dimensions, your practitioner is able to safely plan the surgery. Note that this has become standard procedure in the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  • An ultra-low dose is also available and used in some cases such as orthodontics – especially for children – or to create an appliance against OPSA (Obtrusive Sleep Apnea).

Digital Medical Record Keeping

All your record is kept digitally, providing your practitioner with all your history with our clinic to provide a tailored treatment plan that is adapted to your needs. Safe and secure, all that data is encrypted and backed up locally and offsite.

Rotary Endodontic Treatment

Requiring an endodontic treatment or root canal treatment used to have a bad reputation. That is no longer the case using rotary instruments! Not only is the treatment faster and safer, using a motor and precision files coming from Switzerland will increase the chances of success further so you can keep your natural tooth for as long as possible.


  • CAD/CAM technology is also available at our clinic with CEREC. This means digital impression and no more gagging on a tray filled with impression material! A camera about the same size as a handpiece is used to digitally record your teeth and occlusion.
  • Should you need a crown, inlay/onlay, veneer or small bridge, the restorations can be milled chairside, with only one visit to our clinic! Such restorations can be made for a tooth or an implant in as little as one hour in some cases.