Gum Bleaching

If you have very deep pigmentation or discoloration of your gum tissues, it can interfere with the appearance of your teeth when you smile. Even if you have beautiful straight, white teeth, discoloured gums may take away from the overall affect that you’re looking for. That’s why, at Chrysalis Dental, we are committed to addressing your entire smile – not just part of it. Our gum bleaching techniques remove deep tissue pigmentation.


How Do You Get Dark Gums?

Most North Americans have gum tissues that are coral pink in color. However, some of us have natural pigmentation in our body that creates darker skin, freckles, and even dark gums. The gums may appear to be spotted, multi-colored, or entirely dark across the entire mouth.

Gum bleaching, lightening and depigmentation techniques take the naturally dark color of your gums and make them look pinker. We give you gum tissues that look pink and coral. There is absolutely nothing “wrong” with dark gums. This is simply an elective procedure for those people who have dark gums and would prefer to make them lighter in colour.

The Gum Depigmentation Process

Your gum bleaching or gum whitening takes about 30 minutes to complete. Minor gum whitening can be done with a bleaching solution, but more deeply pigmented tissue uses a process similar to microdermabrasion to compliment the process and offer more dramatic results.

First, the gum tissues are numbed to prevent any discomfort. You may also want to consider sedation for your visit, if you feel nervous or are worried about how the process will feel. Even though you will not feel any discomfort during the procedure, some people still prefer to simply “nap” right through it.

Since the pigmented layer of tissue is superficial, buffing it away will reveal lighter, pinker gums underneath. As we buff the gum tissues we may also need to apply a solution to create a more even color appearance. As your gums respond post-operatively to the procedure, they continue to remain a healthy pink color, without pigmentation coming back. That’s right – your results last for life!

Following the procedure it is normal to experience mild discomfort for a day or two. However, most of our patients return to their normal schedule immediately after their appointment. It will not interfere with talking, smiling, or the way your teeth feel.

Gum Bleaching

Before Procedure

Gum Bleaching

Upper Arch Only

Gum Bleaching

Both Arches